17 June 14:00 - 14:45Digital event

The development and application of sustainable packaging solutions are often challenged by lengthy approval processes. What should come first - innovations or legislation, and how one proceeds with implementing innovations that risk getting stuck in the labyrinths of bureaucracy? These are the themes we will explore this June 17.

The guests of this session, Georg Raffael Spindler, Lenzing AG Manager Speciality Applications & Analytics, and Roland Arbesleitner, Head of Sales at PACKNATUR® are going to share their story on how Lenzing & PACKNATUR® joined forces to shake up the way we pack fresh fruits and vegetables. We will hear about how the willingness to change benefited the retailers, and what challenges were met along the way.

As per usual, we will finish off with an open Q&A session. Tune-in from wherever you are to hear member stories, learn and connect!

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Welcome from Packbridge

Svetlana Eskebaek, Business Developer @ Packbridge


Sustainable Packaging as a Matter of Willpower, Not Legislation: Best Practices of Successful European Retailers

Georg Raffael Spindler, Lenzing AG, and Roland Arbesleitner, PACKNATUR®


Q&A session




Georg Raffael Spindler
Manager Speciality Applications & Analytics @ Lenzing AG

After his study in Innovation & Product Management, George joined an international packaging producer where he worked several years in diverse functions from product management to sales. Since nearly two years, he has been with Lenzing, where he is responsible for speciality applications like Sustainable Packaging and Automotive Interiors.

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Roland Arbesleitner
Head of Sales @ PACKNATUR®

Since 2017 Roland has been responsible for driving the growth of packaging applications for Lenzing, and has recently taken up the position as head of sales of PACKNATUR® at VPZ Verpackungszentrum Gmbh.

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When: June 17, 14:00-14:45

Where: Wherever you are - this is a digital event 

For whom: This event is for members of Packbridge

Language: This event will be held in English 

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